About The Artists

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David Woo 

Introduction to Documentary Photography (workshop for 9th Grade and up)

An amazing opportunity for kids to learn about the history of documentary photography and the significant impact it’s had around the world. Kids will begin thinking about concepts and capturing the decisive moment to create powerful visual storytelling - stories that can inspire a kinder, gentler world. Kids will truly experience the craft of photo essays as they go to a dedicated location shoot and learn ways to shoot their story. Technical concepts such as composition styles, lighting and colour examples will also be introduced during the workshop.

About David Woo
Director | Cinematographer – After several years working as an in-house videographer, editor, & colorist in Tokyo, Japan, David moved to Los Angeles, California, and established his own company. He has an extensive background in documentary-style visual storytelling, first as a photojournalist, then later on as a cinematographer for documentary, narrative, and commercial projects. In his career, he has worked with high profile brands such as Toyota, Sony, LO’real, Green Peace, as well as hard-working, family-owned stores. The human condition can be tough sometimes and it’s important that brands work together with grassroots organizations and individual good-doers to help create change. Believing that stories can inspire a kinder, gentler world, David uses his expertise to craft intimate, story-driven films to help social businesses bridge profit, purpose, and compassion.

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Carina Cerruto

Carina is a third year student at Waseda University. She grew up in the States until I was 10, then moved to Japan. She loves art and being around children, and is so excited to be meeting the kids soon! 

Pottery Creations!
(workshop for 2-3rd grade)
At DAA, I will be leading morning art sessions with clay, a wonderfully versatile material. Once the clay is dried, you will be able to paint as you like, and I will be sure to help you along the say. See you soon!

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Maria Umemura
Maria is 17, and currently a junior at ISSH. 
She has worked with Hands on Tokyo for 3 years now and believe that sports and art are both powerful means in which people can form meaningful relationships and grow individually. She is excited to be working with everyone this summer!

Create a Foam Mural (workshop for 4th-6th grade)

This mural painting project is all about having fun with friends, artists, and camp leaders. Each camper will be able to decorate and paint a small portion of one big mural along with the new camp friends they make.  The mural will represent the uniqueness of each of our campers and also our special DAA community. It will be exhibited on the last day of camp.

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Julie Harada

Julie Harada is a 15 years old, who was born and raised in Tokyo. She loves cooking and sports! She wants to share cupcake art because she thinks it is a new way to express artistic talent and one’s unique self. She hope that the kids find the cupcake art as a way to enjoy themselves but also a pathway into something they maybe interested in.

Design Your Own Cupcakes! (workshop for all ages)

Making and sharing food has always been a fun way to connect with new friends. At our cupcake project, children will be able to decorate their own pre-made cupcakes with different frosting colors and sprinkles. They will be able to explore how different colors can be combined to create new frosting colors, and use different sprinkles to get different effects. This project is open to all DAA campers .