If looking to donate, maximise your donation through Global Giving’s “match the donation” event on Tuesday, November 27th between: *New York time (ET) Nov 27, 12am - 23:59 *London time (GMT) Nov 27, 5am- Nov 28 4:59am *Tokyo time (JST) Nov 27, 2pm - Nov 28 1:59pm https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/designing-artists-academy/ #GivingTuesday  


The approximate cost breakdown of the DAA camp is as follows:

  1. Venue: 1 million yen: A venue with 4-5 rooms for workshops, 2 rooms for the afternoon music or dance sessions, and a gym or large indoor play area.

  2. Transportation: 62,600 yen: School bus for the children, transportation for all artists and special guest performers for the final exhibition.

  3. Materials and supplies: 450,000 yen: Workshop supplies and t-shirts for the campers and volunteers.

  4. Food and beverage: 1 million yen: Lunch and drinks for all children and volunteers everyday, snacks for all children everyday, daily ice to keep the drinks cold, reception food and beverages for 110 people, and ice cream party for the children on the last day.


How To Donate

Through YouMeWe, DAA has earned a coveted spot on GlobalGiving, which is a 501c tax-deductible world-wide fundraising site. This is timely for our program as Giving Tuesday is fast approaching on November 27th. This day of giving--only for a 24-hour period --will qualify our program for proportional matching by GlobalGiving ($150,000.USD), along with bonus prizes for top-performing fundraisers. 

The following is a list of what your donations will support: - 1,000 yen buys a camp t-shirt for 1 child - 1,800 yen buys mural materials for 1 child - 3,000 yen buys workshop material for 1 child  - 4,800 yen buys bento for 1 child for 8 days - 9,300 yen buys a return trip bus transportation for 1 child for 8 days - 20,600 yen supports rental of venue space per child for 8 days.      

If you have supplies (such as paint brushes, paint mural paper, digital cameras, etc.) that you would like to donate for our camp, or for volunteering inquiries in English, please send an email to amy@youmewenpo.org with some information about yourself (special skills or talents), your availability to volunteer and your language skills. From there, we’ll arrange for you to meet with our volunteer manager. Volunteering can range from hosting an art workshop, helping out with planning of the camp’s logistics, to serving as a mentor at our camp or general support volunteer. There are lots of options depending upon your comfort level and language abilities.