Donations and Volunteering Opportunities

The following are ways to help the children at the homes by ways of donation of volunteering your time.



The children at the homes need new computers and iPads, education software, and other IT equipment.

If you are interested in making financial donations to support the purchase of technology-related items for the homes, please see our Donations page to donate via bank transfer, OR visit our fundraising page on Global Giving for credit card, PayPal, and other methods of donating.

If you would like to make product donations such as new computers or other hardware, please contact us at

We have a point system for the kids who are participating in the sessions. Your donations buy YMW ePoints which allow the kids to have more equipment or sessions. There are times we need to purchase software/licenses as well as hardware for a home.


Teach IT

If you are interested in volunteering regularly, we are happy to meet with you and discuss options. This could mean teaching a regular coding class, hosting basic software tutorials, or a series of graphic design workshops. We work closely with our network of children's homes to find out specific interests and needs, and pair volunteers with

Please contact us at  for more details.

Obaa-chan in the Cloud

This allows for a unique mentoring exchange to occur between the two demographics, where the older adults can share experiences and expertise with kids, and kids can become the "teachers" helping older adults learn how to become computer literate so they can connect with people online, order food and groceries, taxis, etc. 

Please contact us at  for more details.


Teach Languages

We are seeking teachers who are willing to teach online in a variety of languages. We are looking for Japanese, English, Arabic, and Sign Language instructors. We require a semi-regular commitment to be determined by both the children’s home and You Me We.

Please contact us at  for more details.