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At YouMeWe, there are several ways to make a lasting impact on a child's life. We are searching for individuals and companies that can offer the following support to the children’s homes in Japan. 
YouMeWeでは、いくつかのプログラムを通してボランティアを募集しております。 私たちは、次のような支援を提供できる個人や企業のボランティアの皆様を探しています。



Career Assessment

When children turn 15, we offer career assessment testing so they can recognize their aptitude for certain subject matters, as well as potential developing interests.


Career Mentoring

Seeking professionals who are willing to be paired with a child (normally 15 years old +) as they look to develop a career path.


Volunteering and Donating

We are searching for volunteers to help our organisation teach IT and language to the homes, and are also seeking financial and product donations.

We are looking for volunteers to help coordinate our mentor exchange program between our network of children’s homes and elderly living in their local community, under our program “obaa-chan in the cloud.”


Please see the link below for more information.


Sharing & Caring 2008 artwork & photo by Jårg Geismar

Sharing & Caring 2008 artwork & photo by Jårg Geismar



Digital Citizenship

One of our goals is to ensure that the children are well versed in technology, enabling them to communicate in a responsible and safe manner in everyday life, across schools, and in future work environments.


Digital Citizen’s Club

This is a weekly club taught by volunteers at Matsubaen children’s home, which focuses on two areas of digital literacy.


Please see the link below for more information on both our Digital programs.



Designing Artists Academy (DAA) is an annual arts camp produced for the children’s homes in the Tokyo area. Our next camp will be August 2019.




Speaking & Writing

We offer online language software programs, as well as 1:1 language tutoring at interested children's homes. Providing kids with opportunities to expand their language skills and/or having them help to teach children living in other countries is an exciting way for them to open up their perspective, learn about other cultures, and feel connected to something bigger in the world.


Night Zookeeper Writing Program

The Night Zookeeper writing program encourages kids in a fun environment to develop creative writing skills in English. Kids use an online writing tool, class blog, and a library of interactive lessons to help advance their writing. We installed the Night Zookeeper program and internet connection into homes to enable communication in English between children in Japan and Syria, and also to provide a platform for Arabic language instructors to as online teachers so that Syrian children will not lose their native language skills. 

Night Zookeeperというオンラインプログラムでは、様々なアクティビティ・ゲームを通して英語を覚えることができます。このソフトを使うことで、日本の子供たちとシリアの施設の子供たちを繋げ、アラビア語などの言語を勉強することも可能になりました。

‘Me...We’ - Mohammad Ali
”私・・・私たち” - モハメド・アリ