We are a Tokyo-based non-profit organization with more than 10 years of experience building supporting relationships with local children's home (orphanages). Our NPO's primary mission is to help children growing up in institutionalized homes to become fully capable and financially independent young adults as they reach the age of 18 and prepare to leave the home - whether it is off to university, technical school, or to a new job.

The 30,000 children living in institutionalized homes across Japan are typically well cared for by a small yet dedicated staff. Ratio of staff members to children can often be as high as 1 adult to 6 kids. Although many of the homes have structured their environments into smaller family units to create a more personal space, it is difficult to offer consistent, individualized attention and guidance as they navigate from primary through high school and begin to consider their future options.  Adding to the difficulties are the large number of children dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from various forms of abuse or poverty that have resulted in the child being placed into care to begin with.. Another issue for kids is the reality of their financial options. Most children will not have the funds to pay for secondary education or have the ability to live with family.

These are some of the contributing factors that can lead to a lack of success for kids becoming productive and independent young adults in the community. By providing continual educational and guidance-based support programs, we believe we can help improve their overall chances to attend a secondary education institution or secure a decent job. This success translates to a more positive future - one with more choices and freedom.

YouMeWe creates programs that help promote:

  • Digital literacy that will expand their technical skills and keep them current with today’s technology and unlock more options for secondary education or a job.

  • Communication skills through language training, writing programs, cultural exchanges and a summer arts camp that improve a child’s ability to effectively communicate and engage with others in a positive way.

  • Connectedness with others in the community and around the world through mentoring programs and online exchange programs.

YOU can get involved by volunteering your time. Share your experience or skill sets to help guide children on their path to becoming productive and independent young adults. There is no greater gift!

Please join ME, the founder of YouMeWe, to help make a difference in the lives of children that can leave a lasting impact not only for them, but for whole communities across Japan!

Together WE can help more children achieve the goal of attending university, technical school or securing a decent job by the age of 18. Successful youth = successful communities!

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