Day 5: Designing Artists Academy- Artist Key teaching singing at St.Francis

The super talented singer and songwriter, Key is a past artist at DAA, and we're thrilled she will be teaching kids at St. Francis children's home how to create lyrics to music and record songs.                              


Singer Songwriter Key Bio
Music Composer and singer. Key currently composes music through DTM (computer processing), and posts new songs to Youtube fortnightly. As a singer, Key has recorded covers for more than 100 songs in Japanese and English. Key has also been a reporter for radio stations and has hosted many events. Information on live performances and videos by Key are regularly updated on her Facebook page (please see link below). Key's past musical experiences include a fife-and-drum band, wind instrument, rock band, and performances at weddings and with choirs. Key's instruments include the electronic piano, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, accordion, metallophone, small drum, and big drum. 


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