Syrian children collaboration in Amman, Jordan

At a talk at Meiji University, the subject of Syrian children was discussed. How they have been displaced from their home country to neighboring countries such as Turkey, Greece and Jordan. How the orphans from the conflict are for the most part living in foster families in Sweden. 

My cousin is married to a Syrian man who is also my cousin. Their children are very much like the faces of the children seen in the news. When I asked Professor Makiko Kishi what the most effective way to help as one could donate and one could continue to write to their senators. She replied, "language" the children leaving Syria, especially those going to non Arabic speaking countries, are only learning their mother tongue at home. As a result they most likely only understood at home. 

This lead to YouMeWe and reaching out and collaborating with Syrian teachers who have relocated in North America, community centers in both Amman, Jordan and Greece. Using the Night ZooKeeper software we have started to build a curriculum for volunteers teachers to teach online via SKYPE. 

We are looking for donors, computers and volunteers to facilitate this School in the Cloud based environment.

Helping people where they are.