Happy #GivingTuesday-Working towards sustainability with the kids helping


ViRTll Virtual traveling app that allows to explore the world through eyes of other people. Problem: Traveling difficulties (Especially for people with limited mobility, 130m requires a wheelchair) -It is expensive, complicated and consumes a lot of time to go abroad. Solution: Get a virtual body anywhere in the world and explore the environment in VR. (We will connect people through our app to eliminate borders between countries) -Pilots will pay money to get a real time VR experience.

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There are 130,000,000 people living in wheelchairs, countless bed ridden people and elderly who have not seen all the places that were on their bucket list.


This project will not only include our children as part of the coding and programming team for the development but can possibly employ them as VR Tour walkers. This VR solution allows people in their home to sit and hire a VR Walker to walk down the street in New York City or the canals of Venice..

Long-Term Impact

We see not only the possibility of connecting people globally but also creating economic empowerment by hiring homeless to be walkers, children in our homes and utilize 5G technology to enhance the experience.