Day 2: IVA C.A.R.E.S. 53 Stations of IOT (Internet of Things) Tokaido trek

Tokaido trek: day 2

After the second post town, the rain gets heavier and doesn't stop. My feet are soaked and hands frozen, but I think of those who carried the daimyos' families and possessions along the Tokaido (thank you civilization for creating The Umbrella! ) 

Along the way are old depictions of the Tokaido painted on shop fronts. Let's me know I'm on the right track ;)

Rain gets heavier and I look up to the skies and wonder, is that snow? No, it's hail.

Then it turns to snow! For a while, I laugh and smile at how beautiful and expected it is, but when it doesn't stop and it only gets colder. I stop at eat gyoza and tempura chicken at a restaurant. 

I book an Airbnb near Yokohama station because I am not geared for walking through snow, but continue the route, thinking, 'here's a chance to actually trek through the snow! When else will I do such a thing?' 

Long story short: it all gets too much so I stop 40 mins walk away from Yokohama station and take a train instead. My room is tiny, and the host apologizes, but he doesn't know that compared to last night, this space of warmth is heaven :) 

Developed a sprain on my foot, so I rest, read, and prepare to visit a home and explore the city tomorrow!