Day 3: IVA C.A.R.E.S Journey

Tokaido trek: day 3

Tokaido trek: day 3

東海道五十三次 徒歩:第三日目


What a long day yesterday#



Began my day with a visit to Aiji-no-moto's factory in Kawasaki (yup, the MSG makers!) Read about them last night and was interested in the psychology/business side of things. Marketing 101 takeaway: put your product in a panda bottle and let association do its work!



Next came Yokohama archives of history. Loved this museum which is so important as it details the opening of Japan at the end of the Edo period. In the courtyard was a tree where the Treaty of Kanagawa was signed beside.



A bus ride to Senkeie garden (interesting story behind that!) was peaceful and inspiring. On the way back,  spoke to very young spirited 90 year old lady on the bus and though our conversation in Japanese was limited it was so satisfying!



After a quick stroll through Chinatown, I return to the tokaido route near where I left off and started walking from 6pm. I reach the Kanagawa post station and keep going. It gets dark soon, but the weather is nice (compared to yesterday!) and I feel totally safe walking in Japan :) I pass another post town but can hardly make it out in the darkness.



At 9pm I stop at Mcds,  read about Kamakura (my visit tomorrow) and take a train back to my room in Yokohama.

9時にマクドナルドで休憩し、鎌倉について読む(明日行くところ)そして横浜の Airbnbの部屋まで電車で戻る。


Till tomorrow!