Day 11 & 12 Iva C.A.R.E.S. Fund Raiser



Tokaido trek: day 11 & 12

東海道徒歩 第11日、12日目

Time has been stretching itself more that usual these days! I think it has something to do with me doing a wider variety of things.



Day 11: today is a unique day!



Thanks to Hide, he gets me in touch with his brother will pick me up in the afternoon.



I take a bus back to Sasahara where I left yesterday, but spot a shrine with lots of cherry blossoms and few people (the final part being the most critical).



The wind was scattering the petals into lake and air and a thousand year old trees (1200 to be precise)...



Back to Sasahara after a detour thanks to sleeping on the bus (that's another story), I walk all the down to Mishima. There should be a post station or stone or something here, but after an Edo treasure hunt, I find only some abandoned garages and a shop where the lady says the toilet is in a "box" (confirmed. Those plastic toilet boxes).



Though on the highway, the route is full of mountains and greeny. I find myself singing made-up songs with an Irish accent (dont even ask) and enjoying the scenery. Reaching Mashima, Hide's brother meets me at the station and we drive to an old town filled with mountains sprinkled with sakura trees (hey, soon you won't be hearing about these trees, so let me be repetitive ;) )



We have sashimi and sushi at a popular traditional restaurant (so fresh + sense-blowing + upgrade from konbini food!). For the first time since my journey, I have a real, very interesting conversation! I miss this so much! A truly great time thanks to Hide's brother :)




Day 12:



Hide's brother takes me to have steak (food glorious food!) then to Ieyasu Tokugawa's shrine. My fan-girl moment is destroyed by a swarm of tourisms. Swiftly, desicively, we escape.



Next is a musuem with the original prints of the 53 stations of Tokaido. But alas, they changed the theme of the exhibition to some monsters of the shadow world (probably meant to be creepy,  but was more hilarious. Sorry no photos allowed!) Found a large print of the tokaido trail though!



Walking around more, I am dropped off at Mishima and then return to the Tokaido. I was not looking forward to walking anymore! (My blisters have invited two buddies)



At Numazu's post station at 7pm. Blister-party is going wild. I camp in a park but I can't sleep/it's so cold/my head is exploding. Having read and Ieyasu Tokuagawa and his legendary self control, I think to myself: what would Ieyasu be doing?



Laughing at me for needing to endure ;)