Day 15&16 Iva C.A.R.E.S. Fund Raiser

Dear readers,



I wish I had some stories and photos to share, but alas, these past two days have been stop-and-reset days (sorry about that!) It seems like my backpack has been cutting off some circulation from my arms, so I got it checked out in a hospital just for the sake of it (it's all perfectly fine, nothing to worry about!)

今日も色々な話や写真写真を紹介できれば良かったのだけれども、ああ、この二日間は止まって休む日になった。(ごめんなさい!) どうやら、リュックサックが私の腕の血の流れを止めていたみたいで病院で一応診てもらった。(全て大丈夫。心配する事はありません!)


It still amazes me how much can be communicated with expressive hand gesture and a little bit of acting (can't say "feeling tingles in fingers" in Japanese? Just wiggle your fingers and point to them!)

いまだにビックリする。手でのジェスチャーやちょっとした身振り手真似でこんなにコミュニケ―ションができるなんて。(日本だと“手がピリピリする。”なんて言えないでしょ? でも、手を軽く左右に動かして指差せば良い!)


Of course this could only work with very patient and good-humored people (the nurse points to a space on the form that I have to fill in and says, "Happy Birthday!" Haha) Amazing as it is, when a doctor can only stare at you after having repeated himself over and over to my utter non-comprehension, you realize that story-telling gestures can only go so far :P



Then Hide came to the rescue!



He was very kind and translated everything! It all went smoothly, no issues, and I've decided to book accommodation where I can leave my bag and continue galavanting on the Tokaido. After that? Wrote, caught up with family and friends, and remember Saito-san, the owner of the international awarded garden? He invited me to a garden party this Sunday!!! Im so excited!!!

彼は親切にも全て翻訳してくれた! すべて上手く行き。問題なし。私は、荷物を置ける場所を予約して東海道であちこち楽しみながら回ることに決めた。その後は?家族や友達に書く、それからあの国際的な賞をとった庭園のオーナーの斎藤さんの事を覚えている?彼が、日曜日の彼の庭でのパーティーに招待してくれた!!! とても楽しみ!!!


Till next time :)