"My Role on the Planet Earth" by BigRabbit48 in the Philippines lab

Who we are can be a tough puzzle to solve,

Us humans who struggle to survive and evolve,

As the Earth spins around its axis like a globe,

Our true purpose has yet to unfold.

I live every day to create a better place,

Where the laughter of children would never be erased.

Through efforts of mine alone is a drop in a river,

We should cooperate and become so much greater.

I strive to live and live to strive,

Because we should make the most of being alive.

What I can do may still be unclear,

But my true purpose is shouting at my ear.

The Earth is dying but we are lounging about,

Yet we still blame the creator for how life has gone south.

We should stop and not let our actions be thoughts,

Because the world that we live in is the only home we've got.

We should act now and stop being hard headed,

One day, we will regret how the world should have ended.

I have lived my life well since my birth,

Because I have realized my true role on Earth.