In Memory of Sachiko “Jackie” Wall


Sachiko Wall was a loving mother and a devoted friend, who was rich in love and compassion for others. She passed away in March of 2019.

In 1932 Sachiko was born in Kobe, Japan. Her birth mother a Japanese and her father was a British soldier. Due to unknown circumstances Sachiko was put up for adoption. At this time, being orphaned while also being mixed race could have meant a horrible existence for her. It would’ve meant a life of utter pain and hardship.

But then a miracle happened, her birth mother had employed a Japanese couple who couldn’t have children. They took Sachiko in as their own, and then enrolled her in an international school. They accepted her and encouraged her to embrace her own identity.


As you might imagine, life was very difficult for the few mixed-race children in Japan during WWII. She was regularly tormented by the other children. Having toilet water and trash thrown at her. There were times when her parents even had to hide her, and they started to move around a lot. In school, Sachiko made sure to study hard and try to impress the teachers, to make up for being half white. Thanks to her hard work in school Sachiko had become bilingual. Later, she was able to get work helping different organizations, like the government and military. This is where she met an American merchant marine. Soon the two were married, and they went to start a new life in California, but she never forgot where she came from.  


    Sachiko was fortunate to be adopted, but her story could’ve gone very differently. The reality is that now, there are over 30,000 orphans living in Japan with little to no chance of ever being adopted. While children’s homes do support and take care of them, they are much less likely to gain many of the basic skills that we all take for granted every day. When they turn 18, and need to enter Japanese society, they have key disadvantages that their peers cannot not even imagine.


Sachiko’s family and YouMeWe created this page as a donation fund to honor her spirit. Sachiko’s passing is an immense loss, but her family is ensuring that her loving and generous spirit will live on through a generous donation. With Sachiko’s gift and your donations, we will be providing a chance for Japanese orphans to gain developmental and creative skills that would otherwise be unavailable to them.


    To learn more please take a look at the Design Artists Academy (Art summer camp for orphans), supported by YouMeWe.


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