A for Art and for the A in STEAM Education

We have purchased software and tablets and stylus for the kids to excel at their passion which in Japan is easily animation. I never understood the passion around anime until a friend wrote a book about how Japanese Pop culture has invaded the world.

These are by Yukie who was already in High School when we started our program and went on to work and due to lack of finances went straight to studying how to be a care worker in the homes. She has passed successfully. While it is touching that many of the kids want to be care workers themselves, the encouragement of their talents and skills and opening up their networks to include the donors and volunteers empowers the children.

As parents and guardians, we forget that children are worthy of the investment beyond food, clothing and shelter as we are all struggling to make sure they are fed, clothed and safe. It is when they are safe they can start to access that portion of the brain for creativity, expression and showing their talents.

Join us in August from the 11th until the 20th for our tenth Designing Artists Academy (DAA) summer camp. In many ways the first meeting of Miho and Amy, our board members, was the birth of what YouMeWe is today.

We met in 2008 about a concept of bringing artists to volunteer their time to teach the children in the homes about the arts…..this has touched the lives of so many; artists, children and volunteers alike.


  • “My favourite DAA workshop was the short film-making workshop. We got to work with kids from other children's homes, which was really cool too. It was also my first time interacting with foreign people, and it has encouraged me to participate in many other events involving foreigners.” – 6th grade boy, Port Kanegaya

  • “We are very happy to hear that DAA is coming back as the full camp format. We understand that DAA was not possible the last few years due to lack of funding, and we came to realise after not having DAA just how much of an amazing camp it is, and a rare opportunity in Japan. I believe the concept of the Designing Artists Academy camp goes beyond the imagination of most Japanese people, and our children absolutely enjoyed it. DAA was one of the great memories of their summer holiday.” – Ishigo-san, St. Joseph’s children’s home

  • "The children were able to enjoy various workshops in a relaxing atmosphere, and it was a good experience for us staff members, because through those workshops, we were able to observe the unique character of each of our children." - Kiyose Kodomono Ie staff member, Ms. Moriya

  • 日本では、現在約3万人の子供達が児童養護施設に住み、数少ない職員達によって支えられながら暮らしています。彼らの中には、過去の虐待や貧困等からくる複雑な精神的問題を背負い、進学に必要なお金に不足したり、塾などへ通うお金が無く、大学に進学できなかったり職に就けない子供も少なくありません。NPOユーミーウィーは、アート・セラピーを通してこれらの子供達を支えるための夏季アートキャンプを10年前に始め、毎年40人の参加者を迎えてきました。是非、募金サイトReadyforを通して、日本の将来となる子供達を支えていただけますでしょうか。宜しくお願いします。

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