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If you have ever believed in my passion at all and my dedication to supporting the care and growth of all children, then please read on.

Calling all MATT MILLER supporters!

Calling all KEEN FOOTWEAR supporters!

Calling all MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS supporters!

Calling all CHILDREN DESERVE LOVE & CARE supporters!

Calling all DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/CHILD ABUSE awareness advocates!

Calling all ABANDONED & ORPHANED CHILDREN supporters!


If you believe in any of the above statements, then you can do TWO VERY IMPORTANT things to PUSH FORWARD CHANGE!

Myself, along with the support of KEEN Footwear, and the support of countless others,

are launching a global Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in less than 24 hours!

We launch at NOON on Sunday, July 21st Japan Standard Time.

Japan- 12:00 PM SUNDAY

Melbourne- 1:00 PM SUNDAY

Honolulu- 5:00 PM SATURDAY

Los Angeles- 8:00 PM SATURDAY

Salt Lake- 9:00 PM SATURDAY

Chicago- 10:00 PM SATURDAY

New York- 11:00 PM SATURDAY

London- 4:00 AM SUNDAY

Paris- 5:00 AM SUNDAY

Dubai- 7:00 AM SUNDAY

We need your help with 2 IMPORTANT THINGS:

1. donate $5 or more (The first 72hrs are about numbers, not necessarily money)

2. Please share this with people who you believe also want to push the conversation forth and ask them to donate $5 or more.

If you feel inspired to do more than 2 things, then:

3. like us on social media

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Here is the link to the Kickstarter. It is not visible until tomorrow:

You can watch a quick 1 min. Trailer preview here:

You can watch an in-depth 8min. preview here:

We were given access in ways no film in Japan has come close to on our topic and we are about to bring into the world the first…

1. We will be the first feature length film to talk about mental health awareness and rights for children living in institutional care in Japan

2. We will be the first feature length documentary to showcase “the outdoors” as therapy for children living in institutional care in Japan

3. We will be the first feature length documentary to not only discuss but show a rare look into the lives of children living in institutional care in Japan and what they do and don't have.

4. We will be the first feature length film to show the reality of what happens when youth age out of the system at 18 years old in Japan

5. We will be the first full-length feature to follow someone from life inside institutional care all the way through to living life on their own and what it looks like from both sides.

This is the biggest ask I have ever made to any of you and it’s a real ask that will make a real difference in the lives of thousands of children here in Japan. Please consider supporting us.