DAA Starts August 12-20th

Designing Artist Academy (DAA) is a 7-day camp in which 30-40 kids living in the children’s home ranging approximately in ages 8-15 will participate. The children will be organized by grades in groups no larger than 10, with group mentors assigned. Each morning will include focused art workshops such as photography, painting, illustration, fashion design, and craftwork followed by afternoon sessions that kids will have a chance to choose from (examples - mural painting, Japanese cultural classes, smaller craft activities, cooking, dancing, singing). At the conclusion of camp, there will be a special exhibition party to celebrate the children’s creations and the completion of camp.

By creating small groups of 10 kids who are assigned 1-2 group mentors who guide and support the group throughout the entire camp, in addition to their workshop artists and other adult volunteers who work with the group, each group is exposed to continual attention from 4-6 adults. We have witnessed the profound positive effect this mentoring aspect has had on the kids. In 7 days time, for those children who start to ‘feel noticed,’ it goes a long way towards feeling that they are not simply stigmas of society.  It is this kind of breakthrough that opens up perspectives and we’ve seen new interests and potential developed because of their experience at DAA.

Our DAA camp encourages kids to think freely, discover new interests, and foster potential through mentoring. We are always looking for volunteer artists, camp counselors and general support staff. This year will be our 10th anniversary of the camp.