In Memory of Sachiko “Jackie” Wall


Sachiko Wall was a loving mother and a devoted friend, who was rich in love and compassion for others. She passed away in March of 2019.

In 1932 Sachiko was born in Kobe, Japan. Her birth mother a Japanese and her father was a British soldier. Due to unknown circumstances Sachiko was put up for adoption. At this time, being orphaned while also being mixed race could have meant a horrible existence for her. It would’ve meant a life of utter pain and hardship.

But then a miracle happened, her birth mother had employed a Japanese couple who couldn’t have children. They took Sachiko in as their own, and then enrolled her in an international school. They accepted her and encouraged her to embrace her own identity.


As you might imagine, life was very difficult for the few mixed-race children in Japan during WWII. She was regularly tormented by the other children. Having toilet water and trash thrown at her. There were times when her parents even had to hide her, and they started to move around a lot. In school, Sachiko made sure to study hard and try to impress the teachers, to make up for being half white. Thanks to her hard work in school Sachiko had become bilingual. Later, she was able to get work helping different organizations, like the government and military. This is where she met an American merchant marine. Soon the two were married, and they went to start a new life in California, but she never forgot where she came from.  


    Sachiko was fortunate to be adopted, but her story could’ve gone very differently. The reality is that now, there are over 30,000 orphans living in Japan with little to no chance of ever being adopted. While children’s homes do support and take care of them, they are much less likely to gain many of the basic skills that we all take for granted every day. When they turn 18, and need to enter Japanese society, they have key disadvantages that their peers cannot not even imagine.


Sachiko’s family and YouMeWe created this page as a donation fund to honor her spirit. Sachiko’s passing is an immense loss, but her family is ensuring that her loving and generous spirit will live on through a generous donation. With Sachiko’s gift and your donations, we will be providing a chance for Japanese orphans to gain developmental and creative skills that would otherwise be unavailable to them.


    To learn more please take a look at the Design Artists Academy (Art summer camp for orphans), supported by YouMeWe.


Link to the donation page:

Thanking Allied Pickfords for their contribution to KIWL 2019 Bike Ride


Worldwide Leader

For almost 400 years our name has been synonymous with high quality home moving. From the packhorses of the early seventeenth century, to the most advanced shipping and transportation methods of today, with over 600 locations in more than 40 countries, Allied Pickfords has grown to become one of the largest and most respected providers of moving services, handling over 50,000 domestic and international moves every year.

Thanking Huxley for their generous support

Huxley takes part in a wide range of CSR initiatives and programmes with a vision to transform lives through skills and work. We’re proud of our strong philanthropic history in partnership with our parent company, the SThree Group. This has been developed over the years to strategically align with the Group’s commercial strategy and incorporate our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) expertise.

The central theme for our global CSR activity is employability and aspiration. Our approach best utilises our core recruitment expertise, skills, and networks to help people from underprivileged backgrounds into work. The SThree Foundation further enriches our goal. Launched in 2016, the SThree Foundation supports bright young people from underprivileged and diverse backgrounds into the STEM industries.


Thanking en world Japan for their generous support

The en world story

One thing has remained constant in en world’s journey from recruiting services start-up in 2000 to one of Japan’s leading talent acquisition and management firms today. We have always looked beyond the traditional narrow focus on hiring transactions.

The en world way is to partner long-term with clients and job-seekers to support in the most comprehensive way possible the process of identifying, attracting, retaining, and developing global talent for global organizations in Japan.

Since becoming a group company of en-Japan in 2010, we have been able to innovate at an ever-increasing rate, expanding our range of services and finding new ways to make employment relationships more productive and fulfilling. We believe there is no more important calling, and no better way to drive business success and enhance careers.


Thanking the Carter Group for their generous support

With offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Singapore hosting a team of more than 60 full time researchers and 100 staff interviewers, CarterJMRN is a full service Japan-based market research agency. Our history began in 1989 with the founding of the Japan Market Resource Network. In that time we have worked with most of the major international brands to have entered and prospered in Japan. As a fully bicultural agency, we are known for the cultural sensitivity and effectiveness of our responses to clients’ challenges, applying intelligent and efficient research design. We enable highly practical, prescriptive and actionable solutions.

We lay the foundation for our clients’ marketing activities in Japan, including market entry, with innovative methods that cover the gamut of immersive, qualitative and quantitative approaches. These include cultural analysis, trend watching, secondary desk research, depth interviews, ethnography, focus groups and all quantitative survey methods. We are your guide to unmasking the needs, desires and opinions of Japanese consumers and helping you to translate those into action.


"My Role on the Planet Earth" by BigRabbit48 in the Philippines lab

Who we are can be a tough puzzle to solve,

Us humans who struggle to survive and evolve,

As the Earth spins around its axis like a globe,

Our true purpose has yet to unfold.

I live every day to create a better place,

Where the laughter of children would never be erased.

Through efforts of mine alone is a drop in a river,

We should cooperate and become so much greater.

I strive to live and live to strive,

Because we should make the most of being alive.

What I can do may still be unclear,

But my true purpose is shouting at my ear.

The Earth is dying but we are lounging about,

Yet we still blame the creator for how life has gone south.

We should stop and not let our actions be thoughts,

Because the world that we live in is the only home we've got.

We should act now and stop being hard headed,

One day, we will regret how the world should have ended.

I have lived my life well since my birth,

Because I have realized my true role on Earth.

Is writing a dying art?; From our Digital Citizen in Philippines writing in NightZooKeeper

Literature writing is an art that is commonly moved aside and rejected for its unpopularity, uniqueness and misunderstood beauty. Literature at first, can be quite simple, write a word, explain, and it can be called a masterpiece, but it is not just a simple flick of the pen. Literature is writing out your feelings, emotions, learnings, opinions, suggestions, and the list goes on and on because the possibilities are endless.

It is a common belief that literature art such as poetry writing, oration and story retelling is an unentertaining hobby, “Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry.” Once said by Cassandra Clare. Some choose physically active sports rather than mentally oriented literature or vocally interpreted literature. Sports do improve physical health but it is not all that a human body needs, it needs leisure and rest, a hobby that can exercise its mental capacity and an outlet for emotions kept within.

It has been proved in a survey conducted by that 3 out of 10 students would pick sports over creative writing and 4 out of 10 in adults, dated last 2017 of December with correspondents ages 13 to 23 years old. In lined with the survey this simply proves that we are in need of an outlet like creative writing especially at this century where mental illness is thriving and athleticism is overrated. Developing a healthy population not only physically but also mentally and emotionally is what we need to be the best in the world, the universe rather.

What can we get from practicing such arts? Public speaking can improve an individual’s confidence in verbal arguments and defending the facts they know and opinions they can contribute. Relating it to public speaking, we will be reminded of the humble beginnings of the world’s greatest orator; Demothenes. He was a Greek man who aspired to be a lawyer but with a great obstacle, he stammers when he speaks. Alone, he went out to the sea and open fields to practice speaking without stuttering. With great hard work and perseverance, the Ex-stammered became a good speaker. Not only that, after many years, he became the Greek’s greatest orator. His story will only prove that the practice of oratorical arts can bear fruits of success. Simple works of this practice have made great impacts to the people that read them, take example Margaret Fishback Powers’ poem “Footprints” more commonly known as “Footprints on the Sand” which got the title “The poem that inspired millions” from its religious theme and the warm emotion it lets out. We can also take account our national hero; Dr. Jose Rizal, who freed us from the clutches of the Spaniards using his talent in creative writing to ignite the flame of the Filipinos that were mistreated ad constantly being stripped off of their independence. One of us has the possibility to follow the footsteps of Demothenes, to make another poem that would inspire millions, but how is that possible if the youth of today are using their idle time to engage in technological recreation such as social media, online gaming, and online videos that brainwash the youth with their explicit content. Wattpad, a popular app and website, is a platform on the internet for zealous writers, but if the website is searched on A site that compared its ranking of popularity to other sites, it can be seen that Wattpad has a low ranking compared to other arts and entertainment websites. It just shows that we are not using the technology we acquired for improving our literary knowledge but for things that are irrelevant to a human’s well-being and development

The rekindling of passion for these dying arts will start at school, we should heighten the implementations and conductions of school programs such as English Language Festivals and other programs that would let the learners improve and practice expressing themselves through creative arts, public speaking, and creative writing. We the millennials should be the catalysts of a world where expression through literature and arts can thrive without the hindrance of recreational activities and technological advancements.

Will you be the savior of these arts or will we be the cause of its termination?

A big thank you to Adept Group


A big thank you to Adept Group helping with the sponsorships the KIWL 2019 -500 km ride in June 2019

Adept Group approaches every executive search with a partnering strategy custom-tailored to fit the exacting needs of both clients and candidates.

We invest significant time in understanding the people we work with and the specific variables unique to each situation. Then we carefully and thoroughly manage the entire search process from start to finish, allowing every hiring manager to feel comfortable and confident in receiving excellent results. Our total commitment to consistency, follow-through, and completion eliminates the time lags and stress that can often be involved in the hiring process.

YouMeWe NPO thanks BNP Paribas for their generous support of our NPO

BNPP picture.jpg

YouMeWe NPO thanks BNP Paribas for their generous support of our NPO

BNP Paribas:Corporate Social Responsibility

Launched in September 2015 by the UN, the Sustainable Development Goals aim to end poverty by 2030 while protecting our planet’s environment. As a global company and Bank, BNP Paribas has a key role to play in this collective effort. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach allows us to take part in building a sustainable future while promoting the Group’s performance and stability.

A committed and responsible bank

13,  the number of indicators we use to coordinate our CSR efforts. Nine of these are used to determine the amount of the variable incentive plan for the Group’s 5,000 Top Managers, counting for 20% of the eligibility conditions.

9,3 milliards d’euros in funding allocated by the Group to the renewable energy sector in 2016. We are committed to raising this figure to €15 billion by 2020.

470 900 people

accessed financial education programs with assistance from BNP Paribas in 2015.

CSR Figures keys


indicators we use to coordinate our CSR efforts

€9.3 bn

allocated by the Group to the renewable energy sector in 2016


people accessed financial education programs with assistance from BNP Paribas in 2015.

Please read more here:

Obaa-chan in the cloud: Our YouMeWe volunteer Schmidty interviews Sr.Theresa

Kicked off with Shiho interviewing her 92 year old grandmother. We are interviewing the Silver community in Japan and uploading their life stories to the cloud. We see this as an opportunity for the children to learn interview skills, editing skills and helping capture the life lessons from a country where we have more people over 65 years old (500,000 turning 65 every year) per capita in the world. Being interviewed by the youth where we have less under the age of 15 years old per capita in the world. Capturing their sage the cloud. Obaa-chan and Oji-chan in the cloud.

January 2019


Code Club is a program run by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a registered UK charity. Code Club works with a global community of volunteers, educators, and partners to run free coding clubs where 9 to 13-year-olds build and share their ideas.

Code Club projects are free and open to all. They are easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides that young people use to make their own games, animations, and websites with coding languages such as Scratch, HTML/CSS, and Python.

The projects introduce coding concepts one by one and let young people progressively build their knowledge. Adults running the clubs don’t need to be experienced coders, and many volunteers in our community enjoy learning alongside their club members.

The first home to start Code Club was Matsubaen, which started in September 2018, and held 4 sessions between September and December.

The sessions consisting of about 5 high junior high school students are run by 16 year-old boy A-kun from Matsubaen and supervised by Michael Clemons.

As an extension to Code Club, Michael also introduced the Ichigo Jam project (creating mini computers for kids) to Matsubaen, and the first event is on January 19, 2019.


Christmas Wish Lists-Tohoku and Tokyo


YouMeWe. Taiyo Gakuen 

YouMeWe Sendai WishList 

YouMeWe -Shirakawa Gakuen 

YouMeWe-Fukushima Aiikuen 

YouMeWe-Aoba Gakuen 


YOUMEWE's Matsubaen Wish List 


From Matsubaen:I asked my children about their Christmas gifts. I would like a cinema ticket. I would be happy if you would consider it. The price of one sheet is 1400 yen.
MATSUBAEN;54 children, 9 attendant staff. 88,200 + 7,026 tax = 95,256 JPY

YOUMEWE's St.Joseph's Wish List 

Second Christmas Wish: Hi. Check out this list:
YOUMEWE's Port Kanegaya Wish List

Kiyose Kodomo no Ie

①あさひ[ASAHI] フェリークJr-Ⅰ20インチ 子供用 ライトグリーン ¥22,980(税込) x1

②あさひ[ASAHI] VIDA BAA276-J 27インチ 外装6段変速 ダイナモライト シティサイクル レッド ¥22,980(税込) x1

December 2018 Newsletter

The entire board and volunteers of YouMeWe NPO want to express our thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way of setting up, which took a year, to making real progress on our main programs centered on Communication, Collaboration and looking at the earth more holistically.

YouMeWe creates critical educational support programs for kids living in Japanese children’s homes to help guide them on their journey to become independent, successful young adults within their communities.

We see connectivity as a significant element for abused, neglected and orphaned kids achieving long-term success. From language, computer literacy, cross-cultural and cross-generational connections, this teaches children the power of connectivity and how it can successfully transform their futures.

On Giving

by Kahlil Gibran

"You give but little when you give of your possessions.

It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.

For what are your possessions but things you keep and guard for fear you may need them tomorrow?"

Please click HERE to read.


Thank you to our generous sponsors for #GivingTuesday


Starting with Ousha at O-bar who hosts us year in and year out. It is the ideal place for a party or function.


Thank you to Ross Purdie of HOVR who has not only provided HOVR devices for the raffle but will be sending to our homes as Christmas gifts. This helping the kids Deskercise while studying.

Thank you to the people at JP Morgan for generously donating computers for our CODE CLUB.A big thanks to Curry, David Asai, Marcos Iyer, Srinivas Takato, Tsunenori Solleza, Chris J Ebina, Minoru Moumou, Reda X Keshari, Ravi

And the Japan Philanthropy Committee


Thank you to Dai Ushiyama and his colleague Chizuru Fukusho for year in and year out helping us with generous certificates to the famous May’s Garden Spa in Roppongi Hills


Thank you to Misae for the wonderful tickets to Tokyo Sinfonia for two in December.


To our friend and family Louis Grieco who gave a wonderful gift of a lifetime, LeCreuset Cocotte Ronde.

This year featuring the Ukulele Virtuoso Rio Saito who will entertain us like no other. Who also gave his CDs as a raffle prize.

This year featuring the Ukulele Virtuoso Rio Saito who will entertain us like no other. Who also gave his CDs as a raffle prize.

Thank you to Nick Masee who gave wonderful wines for the auction. Matt Miller who created a wonderful compilation video for the event. Victor Takesaki who ran around to get all the details ready for the night. Lori Hewlett for being the Raffle Czarina. Our Suzan at the door. All the wonderful guests.

A huge thank to who have been our generous sponsors for our first year. We are very thankful to you and your team. Especially the Coltees who rode in the bike ride from Milan to Rome this year.

Very much looking forward to the new partnership with KIWL (Knights in White Lycra) in 2019


Thank you to Shiho who is collaborating with us for our Obaa-chan in the cloud project to have the children interview the Japanese elderly to capture their lifestories in the cloud. Launched on #GivingTuesday an interview with her 92 year old Grandmother with her mother and aunt in the room for future generations to hear.