Founder Michael Clemons working with children in Nagoya    名古屋:創設者  Michael Clemonsと子供達

Founder Michael Clemons working with children in Nagoya

名古屋:創設者Michael Clemonsと子供達

From our Digital Camera contest    デジタルカメラコンテストのプログラムより

From our Digital Camera contest


OUR MISSION 私たちのミッション・使命

Our primary mission is to help children growing up in institutionalized homes prepare for life outside the home once they reach the age of 18. We offer support programs that increase a child's opportunity to become a productive and financially independent young adult in their community. This means helping kids develop and hone critical skills such as language, writing, digital literacy, etc., and ultimately increase confidence levels that can lead to new opportunities and choices in the future. Providing tutoring support, internship opportunities, as well as guidance on university/technical school options will offer children another critical layer of support as they start to make plans for their future. Developed skill sets, solid communication abilities, and a thorough understanding of their options will help set kids on the right path towards successful independence.

This is no easy task for any child, but it can prove especially challenging for kids without continual 1:1 attention. It is our hope that by providing educational and mentoring-based support, we will be improving their overall chances.

OUR APPROACH 私たちのアプローチ

For the past decade we have been working closely with many children's homes in the Tokyo area to better understand each home's needs, unique environments and the interests of their kids. Further, we continue to learn about the various challenges each home faces and try to determine how we can best work together to develop support solutions. It is important to note that without first understanding the dynamic of each home and getting to know the staff and children, we would not be able to create effective and lasting support programs. The other element to achieving our mission is engaging the local community - through volunteering their expertise and time - as well as specific financial donations across the different programs.

Our main areas of focus fall under Digital Literacy, Communications Development and Mentoring.                                          To learn more, please click here:  Let's Get Involved!

Children don’t ask to be born, when they are they deserve everything life has to offer.
— Karen Sullivan