CSR Partner in 2019  www.kiwl.net

CSR Partner in 2019 www.kiwl.net

The Knights in White Lycra was formed in 2012 in a pub by plump middle aged British men, needing to get fit and wanting to give back.  In a group karaoke session, the song ''Nights in White Satin'' gave birth to a name for a bicycle ride they never thought to repeat. In 2013, ten men rode 330kms to Minamisoma to raise ¥2.7 million for the Save Minamisoma Project,helping those in temporary accommodation after the 3/11 tragedy in Japan.  

A year later, with the first lady participant, 20 cyclists rode 500kms from Tokyo to Minamisanriku to raise ¥5.5 million for OGA for Aid to build a vegetable processing unit in Tohoku. 26 cyclists completed the same journey in 2015 for ''Place to Grow'', raising ¥7.4 million to facilitate agricultural education for children affected by 3/11. 

In 2016, KIWL partnered with Mirai no Mori. 42 cyclists rode 530kms from Tokyo to an Ichinoseki care home, meeting the kids who they were supporting. KIWL raised ¥10 million, and the 2017 ride raised ¥14.4 million. The 2018 500km ride from Nikko to Ichinoseki included 37 riders and raised ¥12 million for Mirai no Mori and NPO Esperanza.

KIWL helps many people ''get fit & give back'' through sport; cycling, golf, futsal, running and walking. We also host quiz nights and social evenings. Something for all! 


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Colt CSR believes investing in the future is what matters. Delivering business results in a responsible way to our customers, whilst sustainably applying our technology and expertise is key.

With charity partners in every Colt country we encourage our colleagues to volunteer and support local initiatives taking responsibility for the impact our business has on wider society.

Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) involves sharing ideas with colleagues and customers which result in activities that have a positive impact beyond our daily business activities, both internally and externally.

Our CSR activity is based on 4 key pillars: Colleagues; Customers, Community and Charity.




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