YouMeWe NPO thanks BNP Paribas for their generous support of our NPO

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YouMeWe NPO thanks BNP Paribas for their generous support of our NPO

BNP Paribas:Corporate Social Responsibility

Launched in September 2015 by the UN, the Sustainable Development Goals aim to end poverty by 2030 while protecting our planet’s environment. As a global company and Bank, BNP Paribas has a key role to play in this collective effort. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach allows us to take part in building a sustainable future while promoting the Group’s performance and stability.

A committed and responsible bank

13,  the number of indicators we use to coordinate our CSR efforts. Nine of these are used to determine the amount of the variable incentive plan for the Group’s 5,000 Top Managers, counting for 20% of the eligibility conditions.

9,3 milliards d’euros in funding allocated by the Group to the renewable energy sector in 2016. We are committed to raising this figure to €15 billion by 2020.

470 900 people

accessed financial education programs with assistance from BNP Paribas in 2015.

CSR Figures keys


indicators we use to coordinate our CSR efforts

€9.3 bn

allocated by the Group to the renewable energy sector in 2016


people accessed financial education programs with assistance from BNP Paribas in 2015.

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YouMeWe goes live in Ghana with NightZooKeeper


In an effort to connect children to the internet, we are working with the infamous teacher Owura Kwadwo, originally from Kumasi, Ghana, teaching ICT in a rural farming community, which lacks basic equipment and resources for the task. "Every teacher has a way of presenting his subject to his students. This is my way,"


Obaa-chan in the cloud: Our YouMeWe volunteer Schmidty interviews Sr.Theresa

Kicked off with Shiho interviewing her 92 year old grandmother. We are interviewing the Silver community in Japan and uploading their life stories to the cloud. We see this as an opportunity for the children to learn interview skills, editing skills and helping capture the life lessons from a country where we have more people over 65 years old (500,000 turning 65 every year) per capita in the world. Being interviewed by the youth where we have less under the age of 15 years old per capita in the world. Capturing their sage the cloud. Obaa-chan and Oji-chan in the cloud.

Christmas Wish Lists-Tohoku and Tokyo


YouMeWe. Taiyo Gakuen 

YouMeWe Sendai WishList 

YouMeWe -Shirakawa Gakuen 

YouMeWe-Fukushima Aiikuen 

YouMeWe-Aoba Gakuen 


YOUMEWE's Matsubaen Wish List 


From Matsubaen:I asked my children about their Christmas gifts. I would like a cinema ticket. I would be happy if you would consider it. The price of one sheet is 1400 yen.
MATSUBAEN;54 children, 9 attendant staff. 88,200 + 7,026 tax = 95,256 JPY

YOUMEWE's St.Joseph's Wish List 

Second Christmas Wish: Hi. Check out this list:
YOUMEWE's Port Kanegaya Wish List

Kiyose Kodomo no Ie

①あさひ[ASAHI] フェリークJr-Ⅰ20インチ 子供用 ライトグリーン ¥22,980(税込) x1

②あさひ[ASAHI] VIDA BAA276-J 27インチ 外装6段変速 ダイナモライト シティサイクル レッド ¥22,980(税込) x1

December 2018 Newsletter

The entire board and volunteers of YouMeWe NPO want to express our thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way of setting up, which took a year, to making real progress on our main programs centered on Communication, Collaboration and looking at the earth more holistically.

YouMeWe creates critical educational support programs for kids living in Japanese children’s homes to help guide them on their journey to become independent, successful young adults within their communities.

We see connectivity as a significant element for abused, neglected and orphaned kids achieving long-term success. From language, computer literacy, cross-cultural and cross-generational connections, this teaches children the power of connectivity and how it can successfully transform their futures.

On Giving

by Kahlil Gibran

"You give but little when you give of your possessions.

It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.

For what are your possessions but things you keep and guard for fear you may need them tomorrow?"

Please click HERE to read.


KIWL 2019 Bike Ride Kick off

We joined KIWL last night for the kick off of their 2019 Bike ride recruitment.

June 13-16, 2019

Kiwl 2019 bike ride

Day 1:Takasaki-Yuzawa 112km

Day2: Yuzawa-Niigata-148km

Day3: Niigata-Aizu Wakamatsu -142 Km

Day 4: Aizu Wakamatsu-Fukukushima -100km

ending at our Fukushima Aiikuen Home

Click HERE for details about sponsorship

Shiho helping with #GivingTuesday as we launch Obaa-chan in the cloud

Obaa-chan in the Cloud

This allows for a unique mentoring exchange to occur between the two demographics, where the older adults can share experiences and expertise with kids, and kids can become the "teachers" helping older adults learn how to become computer literate so they can connect with people online, order food and groceries, taxis, etc. 

In collaboration with Shiho, we have launched the Obaa-chan in the cloud project. She has interviewed her 92 year old Grandmother, her mother and aunt for her children to be able to access “in the cloud” when they share these stories with their grandchildren.

Happy #GivingTuesday-Working towards sustainability with the kids helping


ViRTll Virtual traveling app that allows to explore the world through eyes of other people. Problem: Traveling difficulties (Especially for people with limited mobility, 130m requires a wheelchair) -It is expensive, complicated and consumes a lot of time to go abroad. Solution: Get a virtual body anywhere in the world and explore the environment in VR. (We will connect people through our app to eliminate borders between countries) -Pilots will pay money to get a real time VR experience.

total goal



monthly donors



There are 130,000,000 people living in wheelchairs, countless bed ridden people and elderly who have not seen all the places that were on their bucket list.


This project will not only include our children as part of the coding and programming team for the development but can possibly employ them as VR Tour walkers. This VR solution allows people in their home to sit and hire a VR Walker to walk down the street in New York City or the canals of Venice..

Long-Term Impact

We see not only the possibility of connecting people globally but also creating economic empowerment by hiring homeless to be walkers, children in our homes and utilize 5G technology to enhance the experience.

Happy #GivingTuesday-working towards sustainability


Free charity App that allows people to monetize their time and spend gained points for NPO's!

total goal



monthly donors



Problem: There are millions of people who don't have money but wants to help different organizations. They need an easy access to support charities that they want to help.


Solution: Complete one of three tasks (video, minigame, survey) and get points, you can donate them whenever you want. CharityTree will receive money from different advertisers and based on points quantity in particular organizations dispatch funds. Donate your time on behalf of money! It was never as easy as now to help the ones in need. No difficult registrations and credit cards, all you need is just time!

Long-Term Impact

In addition to allowing the NPO to be sustainable, it creates an interesting opportunity for the children living in our homes to be part of the coding team to make this solution a reality.


Happy #GivingTuesday-Testimonial from Volunteer Marie Gray

Dear Friend,

You subscribed to email updates from Designing Artists Academy by YouMeWe NPO, a project on GlobalGiving. Here's the unedited update from the field: 

Testimonial from Volunteer
By Marie Gray - Youth Impact Coordinator at Hands On Tokyo

Happy Holidays to our supporters of Designing Artists Academy. We hope that this message finds you with your loved ones and enjoying delicious food. My name is Marie Gray, and I am a volunteer representing the Youth Impact team at Hands On Tokyo. We are a bilingual NPO that organizes volunteer projects for young adults with special needs individuals, senior citizens, and at risk children. We are very much looking forward to our collaboration with the Designing Artists Academy this year.

 I am fortunate to manage a monthly English and art session with a children`s home partner in Tokyo. Today I wanted to tell you about the positive impact art has had on the children I work with, and why I decided to link up with the Designing Artists Academy.

 For the past 2 years, I have been fortunate to watch my children`s evolution, and develop teaching methods to match their interests. What I have learned is that traditional English teaching methods are not engaging enough. Often times, kids are learning English in schools, and after a long week of studying, they want to try something completely new.

 In contrast, what has proven successful are teaching programs that incorporate creative opportunities. I usually teach a theme du jour. We spend 45 minutes learning the new material, and then students spend the reminder of the lesson creating material with their assigned volunteer. At the end of each 2 hour session, the children present their creation to their classmates and volunteers.

 This structure is effective for several reasons. The first reason is that students get to put their learning into the action. The second reason is that they can receive one-on-one attention from a volunteer with whom they can practice their English. The third, and most important, is that children are empowered to challenge themselves and practice self-expression. This is particularly important to cultivate for this demographic.

 Eventually all of the children`s homes` residents will be forced to leave the homes when they complete high school. They will have to find ways to be self-sustainable without oversight from staff who made major life choices for them their entire lives.

 Therefore it is of outmost importance that they feel confident enough to be their own advocate. It is better to begin this process while they are young and have mentors and caregivers who can nurture these skills.

 Art is a gentle way to foster these skills in children. For me, I have watched them develop these strategies in my class, and seen how much more confident they have become. Now we have a class full of students proactively engaging with myself and volunteers and taking pride in who they are.

 Designing Artists Academy reflects this same model, but with even more creative outlets. Dancing. Yoga. Painting. Drawing. You name it, and Designing Artists Academy is probably offering it. I believe this program has the potential to inspire and impact more children throughout Japan. With 9 successful years under their belt, Designing Artists Academy is constantly finding innovative ways to teach art. It is an incredible privilege to be a part of this program.

We hope that you will also find the goals of the Designing Artists Academy to be inspiring too. We also hope that you will consider an investment in this program, particularly on November 27th. GlobalGiving will match all donations made between Eastern Standard Time November 27 12am and 11:59pm, Japan Standard Time November 27 between 2pm and November 28 1:59pm, and London time (GMT) between November 27 5am and November 28 4:59am. 

 Any amount will help us ensure that as many vulnerable children will be to join this camp at zero cost to them. Thank you for consideration, and we look forward to keeping you posted throughout the year.

 Happy Holidays!



The #1 reason for increased number of children being orphaned is child abuse.

Children's Home Stats & Stories from homes

Here's some information we can check for new stats. recommended by Port Kanegaya (November 20, 2018).
I tried to simplify but there's quite a lot of data written in complex kanji characters.

Data taken every 5 years by the Ministry of Health and Labour. Next one should be Heisei 30 (Feb 2018) but the data isn't there yet.


This one is also by the Ministry of Health and Labor states the following:
The latest data - 2016 (Heisei 28) data shows that there are currently: 
615 children's homes across Japan 
Room for 32,605 children to live in these homes 
Currently 26,449 children living in these homes
Number of staff members: 17,137 (though this is not too helpful since it includes admin staff)
National data on children moving onto 4-year universities, 2-year college, or finding a job.
(dated May 1, 2016 - Heisei 28)
1,818 high school children living in homes    -> up from 1,543 in 2012
226 (12.4%) went to a 4-year university    -> up from 11% in 2012
211 (11.6% went to a 2-year college)         -> up from 11% in 2012
1,280 (70.4%) found jobs                           -> same as 70.4% (1,087 children) in 2012
101 (5.6%) are defined as "others"            -> down from 117 (7.6%) in 2012
* which means that number of orphaned children has increased and therefore the number of kids getting into uni and college have also increased, but the number of children becoming employed has remained the same.

* Data taken every 5 years by the Tokyo Government. next data should be 2022.

According to data taken in 2017, 87.1% of children living in the homes are employed,  up from 71.4% in 2012, so Tokyo is doing better than the national data. However, 46% of the job are in the service industry which would include restaurants, izakayas, karaoke stores, coffee shops, pachinko parlours, mobile phone shops (these examples were listed). 45% are full-time employees, 35% are part-timers. 12% temp staffs. More than 50% make less than 150,000 yen per month.
Slide show recommended by Port K.  One important key info I thought was that the the #1 reason for increased number of children being orphaned is child abuse. 38% in 2013 up from 19% in 1998.