A very big thank you to Eire Systems for their support of the KIWL 2019 June Bike Ride

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The EIRE Systems Story

The EIRE Systems Story began with a business partnership between two IT consultants, Matthew Connolly and Paul Timmons, who had a few things in common. Both are originally from Dublin, Ireland and they each first came to Japan as graduates to work at major Japanese technology companies; more importantly they also shared a common interest in the rapidly developing information technology sector and a common goal to establish a company of their own to provide better IT Solutions to the increasingly internationalized Japan market.

Matthew and Paul continued to develop their own professional skills and quickly established themselves as leading independent IT Project Management Consultants, mostly for the Financial Services industry. As EIRE Systems has grown, the company has been very successful in winning and consistently delivering on increasingly more complex and high-profile projects, as a result the business has expanded to provide a wider range of IT Support, Project Management, Consulting and Outsourcing Services to Multinational and internationalized corporate clients across various industries and business sectors.

EIRE Systems’ growth has been mostly organic, and since its inception has expanded to 200 professionals across four office locations including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai, with proven ability to deliver throughout the Asia Pacific region. The common goals that lead to the creation of EIRE Systems remain the same today as we continue to strive to grow our business to better meet our clients’ requirements and to provide ongoing opportunities and career development for our employees.