Digital Citizens”デジタル市民”を育てる

Mon – Sun: 11a

One of our goals is to ensure kids are well versed in technology, enabling them to safely and responsibly communicate and collaborate across school, future work environments, and everyday life. We offer children a variety of software training and mentoring to prepare them for secondary school or to increase their chances of securing a job at the age of 18.


If you would like to help with the Digital learning journey with the children, please join us.


Language in the cloud


Mon – Sun

Seeking teachers who are willing to teach online in a variety of languages. We are looking for Japanese, English, Arabic, and Sign Language


We require a semi-regular commitment to be determined by both the home and You Me We.



Career Mentoring


Mon – Sun: 9a, 5p

Seeking professionals who are willing to be paired with a child (normally 15 years old +) as they look to develop a career path. This includes mapping out a general plan with milestone markers to help them reach their goals. In addition, provide specific training and preparation tools such as interview scenarios, email correspondence etiquette, meeting presentation skills and using software in real-world scenarios (excel spreadsheet, PPT slides, etc.)


We require a commitment of a quarterly meeting either at the home or online.  We ask for this commitment to continue until the child reaches the age of 18.


Obaa-chan in the cloud

“おばちゃん“ イン・ザ・クラウド




Mon – Sun: 3p

We are looking for volunteers to help coordinate our mentor exchange program between our network of children’s homes and elderly living in their local community.


This allows for a unique mentoring exchange to occur between the two demographics, where the older adults can share experiences and expertise with kids, and kids can become the "teachers" helping older adults learn how to become computer literate so they can connect with people online, order food and groceries, taxis, etc.

この企画では、地域に住む年配のボランティアの方々が養護施設の子供達の悩み事相談等の相手となり、人生経験を活かした支援をし、一方で、コンピューター技術を学んだ養護施設の子供達が年配の方々へその技術を伝え( インターネットを通した食事や買物、タクシー等の手配も)、お互いに助け合う事が出来る環境づくりを目指しています。




Mon – Sun: 7p

If you are interested in helping the YouMeWe NPO, there are various roles which we are seeking to fill which include Home coordinator, communications team, finance team, membership team and project management.